Although I do professional photography on the side and show a bit of creativity, I am not the best at design. I have taken a class and have a textbook understanding of design but it is not a natural experience for me. Adobe Spark helps me with this deficit.

Adobe Spark is a free, online application that helps the user create professional looking visual elements useful for blog posts, social networking and print.


After you sign you up, it walks your though, step by step on how to put your creation together. The user starts with selections Adobe, Spark, buttonsbetween a post, page or video. A post is what I all of the time for my classroom.  It a allows the user to create a meme that can be posted to social networking. Additionally a “post” can be used to create a poster (this confused me at first). I thought that page would have produced a poster.  A page appears to be more useful for webpage creation. I have not tried to make a video yet so I am not sure how well it works.

Here is one of the signs my lab assistant made for my chemistry classroom this year. She put it together in about five minutes.

adobe, spark, glassware
Example sign using Adobe Spark for a chemistry classroom.