Oogie Beetle is a predator/prey life science 3rd person game available on Gear VR. The game was created by BBC Earth production and educates the user by narration that sounds like a documentary as the player navigates the beetle by eating prey or avoid being eaten by predators. Oogie eats ants and collects gems to unlock additional content as he searches for his mate.

Oogie Beetle Game
This is Oogie the beetle

As the beetle explored the desert environment, the ants would try to attack it and its defense is that beetle would kick and then eat them. These actions were strangely satisfying to implement. I felt that the narrator was a useful tool in learning about the ecology of the beetle’s environment but also to guide and direct the beetle through the game.

There are three levels. I only played through the first one and completed it in about ten minutes. It consumes a large section of storage (1.3 GB) but can sent to your memory card and not your phone’s internal storage. The game play was fun on the first level. Although fun, I do not think it is game that would be fun if played more than a couple of times. I will have to reserve judgment until I play the remaining levels.