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Chromville is a website that specializes in creating experiences for children to interact with a tablet or computer. This company designs experiences that helps a younger student to learn in a fun way. As of the time of this writing they make five distinct experiences.


For this blog entry, I would like to focus on Chromville World and Chromville Science because of the augmented realty experiences they offer. I have not tried Bottle Flip Countries nor Color Page. After you get an account, they offer several pages to download that will start your augmented reality (AR) experience. The learner can color the characters and scenery any way that he or she wants and the app brings the environment to life so that the learner can have the character interact with its environment.

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To get started on your mobile device:

  1. Download the app on IOS or Android
  2. Print out and color the pages.
  3. Open the correct app (two different apps)
  4. Select the correct person or place.
    • On Chromville World, there are several people from which to choose. The right person is located on the bottom right hand corner of the coloring page.
    • On Chromville Science, there are certain environments from which to choose. The correct environment is located at the bottom right.
  5. Point the mobile device at the coloring page and directions will be given on how to play.

Since I have a science background, the science app interest me the most. The app sample different branches of science with education experiences with the solar system, anatomy, botany, ecology and landforms. It was fun for me to color the 2-dimensional pages and see colors transfer to the animated 3-dimensional AR from which I could interact.

There is a Spanish as well as English version to the coloring sheets. With any of these sites, they do want to create an account so that they can place you on their mailing list.