Professional Overview

Seasoned and Diverse Teacher – I am well experienced and trained in pedagogical and andragogical settings.  I have taught seven distinct grades levels and adult learners in over a course of decade.  My strengths lie in science, technology and photography.

Master’s Degree in Science Education – My education led me to a strong inquiry-based teaching style that has helped equip my students, with the tools they are going to need to face the challenges that are ahead of them.

Ph.D. Graduate School Experience – I am currently in the process of earning my Ph.D. in Instructional Technology at Ohio University.  I anticipate the completion of the program in the summer of 2018.

Technologically Proficient – I embrace technology to capitalize on my strengths and the strengths of my students, so that they will gain academic proficiency.

Work Experience

Fairfield Christian Academy, Lancaster, Ohio – August 2000 to Present

  • Science Department Head; organizes and leads weekly meetings
  • Developing a makerspace curriculum
  • Developing a coding and computers application class
  • Construct online video tutorials to be used as a teaching tool to aid instruction
  • Reviewed and revised the school’s science curriculum to meet state standards
  • Installed and applied Moodle, a virtual learning environment, like Blackboard, as an extension of my classroom
  • Develop and maintain my classroom’s website where students access classroom material and pictures taken by myself and the yearbook staff
  • Developed a photography curriculum
  • Created and maintained the Fairfield Christian Academy’s main website
  • Performed public relation photography work for our school’s relationship to the community

Classroom teacher in multiple grades and subjects:

Subject or Area Instructed Years Subject or Area Years
Seventh grade general science 2 Chemistry and Laboratory 18
Eighth grade general science 3 Physics and Laboratory 17
Ninth grade general science 3 Yearbook Advisor 5
Biology 6 Computer Instructor 3
Science Fair Coordinator 18 Track Coach 2
Middle School Makerspace 2 Coding Class 1

Ohio University – Lancaster, “Technology Applications in Education” – 2014 to present

  • Required course for all teachers seeking Ohio licensure
  • Using TPCK theoretical framework (Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge) the students of this class identify, locate, evaluate, design, prepare and efficiently use educational technology as an instructional resource.
  • The class is designed to meet the requirements of the International Society for Technology in Education NETS Standards for Teachers
  • Instructed a hybrid and brick and mortar sections of this course

 Ohio University – Lancaster, “Teaching Middle Level Science” – 2012 to present

  • Emphasis on concepts and inquiry processes for middle childhood students.
  • Topics include scientific literacy; applied constructivist learning theory; multicultural, gender, and exceptional learner equity practices; authentic assessment of the middle-level learner; safety and classroom management; uses of curriculum supplements and multimedia resources; effective questioning skills; and selection of appropriate uses of texts and demonstration.

 Ohio University – Lancaster – Summers 2010 and 2011

  • “Kids in College”
    • Created and instructed an inquiry class for grades four through six

 Capital University – Fall 2007 and Spring 2008

  • Physics 115 – Integrated Science by Inquiry
    • Taught content to elementary and middle school education majors by inquiry methods

Photography Business – July 2003 to Present

  • Photograph senior portraits, families, event photography and weddings
  • Actively use Adobe Photoshop and graphic’s tablet for standard and advanced photo editing

South Eastern Business College, Lancaster, Ohio – Winter Quarter 2001

  • Instructed a course teaching Microsoft Excel

Harvest Preparatory School, Columbus, Ohio – August 1997 to June 2000

  • Fifth grade teacher in a self-contained classroom
  • Elementary science fair coordinator 1998 – 2000



Instructional Technology (Ph.D. work in progress)

Ohio University – Anticipated completion date in the summer of 2016

Master of Education in Science

Clarion University of Pennsylvania – 1997

Bachelor of Science in Education

Clarion University of Pennsylvania – 1996

  • Secondary Education of General Science
  • Secondary Education of Earth and Space


  • Playful Learning Conference, “Gamifying a Self-directed Technology Classroom,” Athens, Ohio – 2015
  • Playful Learning Conference, “Learning How to Playfully Learn,” Athens, Ohio – 2015
  • “#THINKfoward” Conference, “Learning How to Playfully Learn,” Toronto, Ca – 2015
  • eTech Conference, “Learning How to Playfully Learn,” Columbus, Ohio – 2014
  • C.S.I. Conference, “Inquiry Made Easier,” Columbus, Ohio – 2007
  • Flinn Scientific, “Morning of Chemistry,” Atlanta, Georgia – 2004

Awards and Acknowledgments

  • Developed a Class, “Advanced Technology in Education,” STEM Class that utilizes the latest technology – – 2014
  • The Ohio Academy of Science Governor’s Thomas Edison Awards for Excellence in STEM Education – – 2014

Recent Professional Development Activities

eTech Conference, Columbus, Ohio – 2009-2014

  • Multiple workshops were attended

National Science Teachers Association Convention, Cincinnati, Ohio – 2008

  • Multiple workshops were attended

Vernier Evaluation Workshop, Columbus, Ohio – 2006

  • Vernier sponsored event that allows a teacher to sample their equipment through self-directed labs

“Write Track” In-service, Lancaster, Ohio – 2006

  • Event led by Dr. Diane McCune conveyed strategies to help integrated writing more effectively into the classroom

National Science Teachers Association Convention, Nashville, Tennessee – 2005

  • Multiple workshops were attended

Senior Portrait Photography Workshop, Columbus, Ohio – 2005

  • Demonstrated ways that one can improve senior portrait revenue through keeping track of trends and better advertising

Yearbook Workshop, Columbus, Ohio – 2005

  • Trained yearbook advisors to better integrate digital photography, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe PageMaker into the classroom

Pathwise Mentor Level Training, Lancaster, Ohio – 2004

  • Participants are introduced to the domains and criteria of Pathwise/Praxis and practice the observation framework via video taped simulations

National Science Teachers Association Convention, Atlanta, Georgia – 2004

  • Presented for Flinn Scientific, “Morning of Chemistry”
  • Multiple workshops were attended

“Effective Teaching Lab” Summer Training Workshop – 2004

  • Instruction of effective teaching methods including lesson planning, application of assertive discipline, and guided practice in the presentation of lesson plans

Flinn Scientific’s “Summer Chemistry Workshop”, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – 2003

  • Weeklong event that established lab activities and demonstrations applicable to the chemistry classroom

Actively read the following journals:

  • Journal of College Science Teaching
  • The Science Teacher