Hello! I am Chris. It is nice to meet you!

I am k-12 and college educator located in Central Ohio.   I am a husband and father that has a passion for science, technology, and education.

I am an instructional technologist and learning design specialist that creates strategies to help people grow and thrive within their organization.

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Experienced In

  • Remote and hybrid learning
  • Andragogical (adult learning) theory
  • Gamification
  • Research, writing and collaboration

Remote and Hybrid Learning

I feel extremely comfortable working in and designing instruction for a fully remote or hybrid environment based upon formal training within my graduate program as well as years of experience as an instructor for Ohio University. The experience in modular development and the evaluation of objectives found within should help in bringing out the best in people who I will help develop.

Andragogical (adult learning) Theory

Andragogy is a fancy way of saying adult learning which was developed by Malcolm Knowles. I know how adults learn and have a familiarity with the best practices in getting adults to do so.


It took me a while to warm up to this idea but as I started to dig deeper through research and writing and begin to see the potential. I would love to take employee development and introduce game design and mechanics to help enhance the learning process.

Research, Writing and Collaboration

I have always been a researcher and accustomed to working in a collaborative, team-based environment. My graduate school experience has fine-tuned to be more concise and measured.

Applications (Very Experienced)

Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office, and Google Suite (Google certified)

Applications (Experienced)

Adobe Captivate (Adobe certified), Articulate 360 Storyline, Articulate Rise