This is a breakdown of a recent learning project I worked on and my general workflow.

Visual Design

I create the aesthetic of the brand of the company and construct a color palette based upon it. If I am using characters, I will decide who the main characters are in this step. I will also select the proper font family that will be used based upon the company’s branding. Pending upon the project, I will simply use PowerPoint to establish this or Adobe XD if it is more complicated.


The next step is to create a storyboard to help with dialogue construction and other elements.

The Build

The next step is to create layout templates for each element of the learning experience such as the introduction slides, question slides, and content slides.

The Content

I am tempted to both add content and then dress it up, but I find it to be more efficient to add the content for the entire project first and then go back and make it look better.

Clean Up, Make Better, and Debug

I go back in and begin looking for typos, grammar issues, formatting glitches, graphics and bad user interactions and fix them. This is also a debugging period whereby I click every button and use every feature to improve upon the learner’s experience.

Upload and More Debugging and Finally…

I feel like there is an infinite amount of work that can be done on a project but there is some point I have to let go of it and present it.

Here is the final project. Check it out! Note that this will open in a new tab.